Pizza Plant
Bob Syracuse

We have been working with TripleTrack HR Partners for almost a year now. During this time we have experienced a professional and competent team that spends the time needed to manage our HR program. Their attention to detail extends to correctly filling out paperwork all the way to making sure our staff policy manual is legally correct. It was a big plus to have them mentor our management staff on how to properly fill out and store the myriad of forms we need at the state and federal level. We like to think of Triple Track as our "one-stop shop" for HR compliance." 

Veterinary Emergency Clinic
Stephanie West D.V.M.
Hospital Administrator

"I have only been working with TripleTrack for a few months, but have been impressed with the rapid response time. As a 24/7 facility we have questions at odd hours, and appreciate the ability to email and receive a response in a timely fashion." 

Just For Kids
Shawna Siejak, M.S. Ed., 
Quality Assurance Administrator
Current Client Since 2006

"As an administrator in a small company, I wear many hats. I spend most of my time worrying about clients and staff. Add in a few outside obligations and family, and before I know it, the day is over and I haven’t had time to get to half of the things on my list. That is why I am so thankful for Triple Track! I let them know what I need help with and they not only provide me with a reference for someone who can help, but many times will also schedule the first appointment for me. It’s nice to know that someone is looking out for me, while I am looking out for everyone else!"

Buffalo CarShare
Creighton Randall, Owner

"We have been working with Triple Track for about a year now. We called them out of the blue with an immediate need, and they hit the ground running. Lisa Stefanie and their team have guided us through our growth step-by-step, but also helped us look at the big picture when we needed it, too."

Wellsville Carpet Town, Inc. (Ashley Furniture)
Dan Zatkos, Director of Human Resources

"When a need for recruiting assistance came up for our HR department, we relied on TripleTrack HR Partners to help out and they came through for us. Most recently, Triple Track has provided guidance in our leadership development initiative involving assessment testing and profiling high performers. Lisa Stefanie and TripleTrack HR Partners have been a trusted partner and consultant for many of our HR initiatives.

Wellsville Carpet Town, Inc., operators for the Ashley Furniture Home Stores in Western and Central NY, PA and Ohio has utilized the services of TripleTrack HR Partners for over 5 years. Wellsville Carpet Town employs over 400 people in 14 facilities and I am pleased to be able to recommend TripleTrack’s professional services."


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