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Don’t have the time or Human Resource knowledge to protect your business from legal action and financial liability? Let TripleTrack HR4Restaurants provide the HR support you are craving.

We can help:Menu Board - WITH Verbiage

  • Protect you from government audits and costly fines
  • Keep you informed of changing labor laws
  • Ensure an update-to-date legally compliant handbook
  • Guarantee employee records are stored correctly to prevent stiff penalties
  • Provide discrimination and sexual harassment training
  • Hire the right people to reduce turnover
  • Complete unemployment claim administration

Listed are a few of the Restaurants that use our services: 

  • Allen Burger Venture (ABV)
  • Brennan’s Bowery Bar
  • Coles
  • Colter Bay Grill
  • Community Beer Works  
  • Liberty Hound
  • Magnolia Events
  • Moor Pat
  • Olive Tree Family Restaurant
  • Pizza Plant
  • The Terrace

 Call us at 716-639-8041.

We deliver! 

Cut Payroll Costs

Avoid Being Sued

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Understand Healthcare

Find the Right People

Keep the Right People