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Jan 2019 - She Snores, He's a Rowdy Drinker; Downsides to Requiring Shared Hotel Rooms

Companies should seek alternatives to control travel costs. 

Here is a common scenario: To keep travel costs down, a company requires workers attending a conference to share hotel rooms.

This can raise all sorts of issues, from mere annoyance to harassment claims. 

Donald A. Jones, an equal employment investigator for federal agencies, says that if an employer has a conference budget, it should calculate how many workers can attend the event without sharing a room, and think about rotating employee conference attendance each year.

"When staff are traveling for business, it is important for them to be able to have downtime and space to unwind," Joseph DiNorcia, VP of Operations / CFO at Demos, wrote. "Having to share a room with another staff person would make it feel like they are working the entire time they are at the conference."

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