Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Steer Them Around Bumps In The Road

bumps_in_roadSometimes you can see it coming. Sometimes you can’t. Either way, life’s journey isn’t always a smooth ride. Your employees occasionally struggle with problems that, if left alone, will certainly find their way into their work. 

Providing a little roadside assistance for your employees can help take some of the weight off allowing them to live happier more productive lives at home and at work. It’s good for them and you’ll probably benefit too. 

Here are some ways you can be there to help your employees go the distance:

Basic TripleTrack Advantage Includes:

Our online web portal to help your employees balance their work-life-wellness equation. They’ll have access to articles and resources pertaining to eldercare, childcare, and a full spectrum of behavioral health. It’s a tool from reliable sources such as Harvard and Nolo Legal Press to name a few.

Enhanced TripleTrack Advantage Includes:

Eldercare Resources – Coping with aging, dependent parents is extremely taxing. Your employees want to be there for their parents but may need some help.

Childcare Resources – For those with children, knowing they’re safe and taken care of is essential to be productive at work. Providing options and assistance with childcare helps share a heavy responsibility.

Counseling – Problems come in all makes and models. Having a support system to fall back on provides the chance for your employees to deal with issues in a safe way. 

Counseling services are available for:

    • Depression
    • Financial & legal problems
    • Child & adolescent parenting
    • Family, marital & relationship issues
    • Alcohol abuse
    • Chemical dependency

Confidential referral services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your employees are working hard to help you and your company go the distance. Offering EAP is a simple way to return the favor. To request more information please click here. You may also view our tutorial by clicking here


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