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Create a Healthy Work Environment: Frequent Check-Ins

Check ins between employees and supervisors
Frequent check-ins with your team are a great way to create a healthy work environment and boost wellness in the workplace.

These can be 1-on-1 meetings or a team office hours format, depending on the size of your team, the way you work, your industry, etc. Ideally, they would be 1-on-1 sessions – but do what works best for your company! Research shows that employees who check in with their managers at least once a week as opposed to less frequently are:

  • More than 2x as likely to trust their manager
  • Nearly 2x as likely to respect their manager
  • 5x less likely to be disengaged
  • Nearly 2x as likely to believe they can grow within the organization

Check in with your company’s health insurance provider OR ask your TripleTrack HR consultant for other ideas for creating a healthy workplace!