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Happy United Employees
Governor Hochul signed into law a mandate that employers must give written notice to certain employees about their eligibility for unemployment benefits.

This law, which has already gone into effect, says that employers must inform employees whose job has ended or whose working hours have been reduced about their right to apply for unemployment benefits. This notice must be given within five working days after the job termination or reduction in hours.

At the time we first mentioned this new law, the NYSDOL had not yet published the required form. It has since been released, here: The NYSDOL required form (PDF) >

Additionally, within the same five-day period, employers still have to provide written notice (i.e. a letter of employment separation) to employees who have been terminated, stating the exact date of termination (you will notice that NYS DOL didn’t think to include that on the form!) and the exact date when employee benefits related to the termination will be canceled.

Remember, any time you have to terminate an employee there is some level of risk. Please contact us for help, before taking action in order to mitigate negative consequences to your business or organization.